Richard Armitage in Oldvic 140825

Richard apologized for sudden cancellation

wasn’t his fault, out of his duty

it was very touching




Friendly reminder that.. "however if you could either reduce the font size when you print 35 to something completely illegible, or just say early 30’s that would be great, I have officially stopped counting!"

Message from Richard, Friday, 25 August 2006 


Richard being Richard doing Richardy things :)  


Starring Richard Armitage...

”A man always looks good in a dark suit” - Greg Kinnear

→“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (1096 of ?)

“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (1096 of ?)


Went to The Crucible again today.

Met Richard and gave him cupcakes, wish him good luck for the first matinee this morning.

He looked quite fresh, guessed he had a good sleep last night.

The play changed a little bit since I last saw it (this Monday), and it was better.

Really glad they made the two show today!

Looking forward to the Press Night now!!

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Today’s photos from The Crucible. 23/06/14

Met the whole crew outside the building afternoon. Got a hug from Richard, he was so sweet!

Harry told me they got a little bit changing for the show, and I indeed found out some details were different from the opening night.

Everyone asked me if I enjoyed the show when they knew I have seen it. They were very willing to know how audiences think about the show.

I saw nobody standing during the first encore, which made me, who stood up immediately when the show finished, a little wired. But it also made Richard noticed me when he rose his head after bowing. He smiled at me like he was amused and OMG that just made my day!

Most people stood up during the second encore.

When he walked off the stage, the girl sat beside the aisle handed him a rose and he took it!

Had a little chatting with Anna, Samantha and Ann after the show. They were so nice.

The stage door was as well as Saturday. Everyone behaved and nobody shouting or something.

Richard signed for everyone before him said goodbye to us.

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"It was one of those roles that I had always coveted and knew that I would eventually play one day and knew that by playing him, I would be changed as a person." Richard Armitage on playing John Proctor in The Crucible [x]